Fun Facts

  • Question I ask the most often in life: "Can I take your picture?".
  • I started my career in business, in my parents' living room. I set up a general store, pawning off stuffed animals and tchotchkes I found around the house.
  • I worked as a brand manager for a salon in Las Vegas before attending the Brandcenter.
  • I'm not kitten about kittens. Seriously, I love cats. I have my cat's name, Tobyn, tattooed on my body. My first cat was named Salem, after Salem from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".
  • I develop my own analog film in a dark room on a regular basis.
  • Before advertising, I worked for local LGBTQIA organizations such as GayRVA and Diversity Richmond in various positions to bolster diversity and inclusion in the Richmond metro region.
  • I also worked with a modern dance company in Richmond before discovering advertising.
  • Sometimes I feel like I was born in the 80's in another life. Give me the Breakfast Club and The Cure's discography and I'll be a happy camper.

Brief history

Brandcenter, Art Direction 2016-2018

Cramer-Krasselt Chicago 2017

VCU Mass Communications, Psychology 2008-2012